Teresa Splinter



​​I am the founder, sole owner and operator of Feeling Amazing Yoga.  I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years and teaching yoga since July 2013.  I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping others heal and unite their body, mind and re-energize through yoga.

How was I introduce into yoga?  Like most people, a friend asked me to join them for a class

at a local gym.  I left the class feeling weird, confused and unsure about what I just experienced.

I decided to attend to a few more classes around the Ottawa area and then I started to notice

something.  At the end of a class I finally felt relief.  My neck and shoulder were not as sore as they

were at the beginning and some of my aches had alleviated.  It was then that I realized that yoga

was providing all sorts of benefits that I have been searching for.

Over the next couple of years I continued practicing yoga but only when I could fit it in, which was

not often enough.  At the age of 32 I was burnt out, always stressed  and had a complete melt down.  I was no longer able to work a “normal” full time job.  It was hard to acknowledge that I needed to make some major changes in my life.  I was in despair to find a way to live happily and be healthy.  Yoga inspired because every time I practice yoga I felt so much better.  This was when I looked into learning more about yoga was the beginning of my yoga journey.

In February 2013 I enrolled into an intense teacher training program and graduated in July 2013.  I learned that yoga isn’t just exercise.  Yoga provides a guide to living a life free of stress, pain and illnesses.  It is a life style designed to keep you happy and healthy.  During my 6 months of training I learned how to eat better, exercise my body safely and how to calm my mind so I can finally relax.  Through yoga I have found relief from my chronic migraines, shoulder and neck pain as well as chronic bronchitis.  I am now healthy and live a much happier life.

I would love to share with you my knowledge and experience to help you on your journey to find relaxation, better health and happiness.​