Teresa Splinter



Teresa clearly explains the steps and will correct our movements, allowing us to get the full benefit of each posture. She challenges me to reach my full potential – whatever that is – and celebrates with us when we can bend a little further each week. Practicing yoga in the nude is freedom and empowerment in its purest form. I feel stronger, stand straighter and feel more body aware after 8weeks of Ashtanga yoga with FAY. ~ D.M.

My wife and I have been practicing yoga together with Teresa; it is a nice way to connect and become more in tune with each other in a non-verbal way. I started yoga with Teresa 3 months ago and have made some real gains in flexibility, strength, in my core and
legs. I’ve only ever done yoga in the nude; I looked for the opportunity and am very glad that I found a teacher that will accommodate this. ~ T.C.

When I first stepped on the mat I didn’t know what to expect as it was my first time attempting any type of yoga. Teresa made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. Throughout the session she always verified that my posture was in proper form and explained the reasoning behind it. By the end of the session I felt calm inside and out. Teresa’s natural free spirit and professionalism has made me want to continue taking yoga classes and have her guide me on the right path. ~ V.S.

I am a new but enthusiastic ON/NO member and I responded to Teresa Splinter’s article in last months Nudesletter about nude yoga. Since then, I have had many yoga sessions with Teresa and I want to tell everyone that she has made a tremendous improvement my 65 year old body. Flexibility, balance and strength have returned to me. I feel like I am 45 again!! Nude yoga is an excellent method to revitalize the body as the body can move much more freely without the constraints of tightly wound clothing. I feel that it is very natural to do yoga in the nude. Of course, it is non-sexual and very healing to not only the body but the mind/spirit as well. Teresa is the best yoga teacher I have found. She is perceptive and sensitive in prescribing those poses that are most conducive to healing and health. ~ W.H.

Just wanted to say that I just came back from an AWESOME yoga session taught by Teresa Splinter. I “suffer” from a lot of anxiety and depression… Going into the class I was very very anxious, have been having migraines and headaches for a few weeks along with my anxiety level being through the roof. I came out of my one hour class feeling at peace, my headache gone and my anxiety level zilch! Thank you Teresa! Looking forward to my next class with you!!!! ~ S.K.W.

Feel Amazing Yoga is great! Teresa is passionate and dedicated to her practice and offers many different options so that yoga is achievable for everyone. ~ E.M.

Teresa is a great yoga teacher! She is patient, calm and encouraging but still pushes me to improve my flexibility, strength and improve my yoga skills. The pace of the [Ashtanga] class is just perfect and I leave each one feeling stretched, rejuvenated and renewed. ~ G.L.